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 Ken Burns

Post #1 - 22 Nov 2019, 21:49


Can I just say that he was a Bluenose cunt? His documentaries were shit as well. :angry:
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Post #2 - 22 Nov 2019, 21:53

If this is the Ken Burns whose documentaries were aired in the USA on PBS (the Petroleum Broadcasting Network) he conclusively proved he knows nothing about baseball, jazz, and the Second American Revolution - usually called The Civil War.
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Post #3 - 22 Nov 2019, 22:00

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Post #4 - 22 Nov 2019, 22:27

The Burns documentaries I've seen were all worth watching, and it's good that he makes them, but at the same time they are all flawed in varying degrees. And after you've seen a few of these epics you begin to see the formulaic way they're put together (the overly poetic/portentous narration, the long shots of still photos, the excessive romanticizing, the unchecked glorification/admiration of key historical players, the corny earnestness, and some of the same writers & academics keep popping up as narrators/commentators).

I've seen Jazz, Baseball, The Civil War, Lewis & Clark, and most of The Roosevelts. To my way of thinking "Baseball" and "Lewis and Clark" were excellent and had the fewest irritating flaws.

I agree with much of the criticism in the previous post about "Jazz". It's not only the fusion and free jazz genres which are given short shrift, but most of the 60s modern jazz period as well. Though if you want some interesting historical info and archival footage/photos about the origins of New Orleans jazz, Louis Armstrong, Ellington, swing bands, bebop, and early Miles, it's pretty good for that purpose. But he is way out of his depth beyond the 50s, and painfully so.

The Civil War documentary has a wealth of historical information about battles, and lots of dramatized anecdotes concerning the affected soldiers and their families, but it is grossly deficient in facts and insight about the politics, causes, and key parties' motivations leading up to (and through) the war. The saga is told in a sentimental sepia-toned way, as Burns (wittingly or unwittingly) further contributes to the false, romantic, dimwitted mythology about the Confederacy and this war which America, especially those in the South, still can't seem to shake. Mississippi writer Shelby Foote is allowed to wax Faulkneresque about battles and carnage at great length throughout the documentary at the expense of the larger facts and lessons which should have been presented.

I also remember seeing the National Parks one, too, and I recall that it was quite good.

But a Bluenose cunt is a Bluenose cunt, and the Birmingham City Soccer Club should hang their heads in shame for setting him on. :angry:
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Post #5 - 22 Nov 2019, 23:11

I can't believe you wrote that Jim Skidder. :D
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Post #6 - 23 Nov 2019, 07:27

He's a proddy cunt, played for Rangers as a youth. :radged:
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Post #7 - 23 Nov 2019, 10:14

He's an ugly overweight cunt, unpleasant in appearance too. :wtf:

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