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 2019 ; Plans and resolutions

Post #1 - 31 Dec 2018, 11:39

It's the end of another year, so I thought we could discuss our plans for 2019, or resolutions for the new year.

I've decided this will be the year that I find myself a woman, further my career and get my songwriting talents recognised once and for all.

What are your thoughts? Do you make resolutions? And will you be out celebrating tonight with a festive chorus of Auld Lang Syne amongst friends? :-)
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The Strange One
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Post #2 - 31 Dec 2018, 11:43

I don't do new year, it's always a miserable time for me. If I make a resolution it usually goes horribly wrong. I'll most likely be asleep by 10:30.
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A Worthless Man
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Post #3 - 31 Dec 2018, 11:51

I'll be in the pub as usual. Last year I got home at 3am a bit worse for wear, threw up on the cat and passed out in the kitchen. The wife didn't speak to me for a week. I imagine this year will be similar.
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Post #4 - 31 Dec 2018, 15:06


I'll be out with the boys praisin' The Lord for another year of our great president. :)
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Dr Ron Jock
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Post #5 - 31 Dec 2018, 16:03

^^^ I'll be out with the boys too, praising the Lord for another year of cassock chasing.

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Priory Jack
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Post #6 - 31 Dec 2018, 17:13

My new year resolution is to finally disown that cretinous moron Sonofsmegma who is in no way any son of mine. :grrr:
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The Smegma Family
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Post #7 - 31 Dec 2018, 19:56

I'm not one for resolutions, it's an impractical theory as one cannot foresee what changes may occur, vis-a-vis who knows what the new year will bring?

Having said that, in the interests of honouring my forum commitments, I give you this.


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Chief Moderator
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Post #8 - 31 Dec 2018, 20:22

Ring in the changes!

Out with the old, in with the new!

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Post #9 - 31 Dec 2018, 20:29

I will be waging a Holy War against you infidels with my friend Mustafa Fatwa from two doors away. :grrr:
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