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 What Do You Do For A Living? ; What be you being doing?

Post #1 - 07 Jun 2019, 06:31

I have a new, er, a new er, what er, ah fuck it, you're all my best mates, I love you all.
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Right Said Fred
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Post #2 - 07 Jun 2019, 08:37

I've got a new career too, I'm a marriage guidance councillor.

And if Fred doesn't bring me some free booze home from his brewery job soon, I'll rip his fucking throat out. :grrr:
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Post #3 - 07 Jun 2019, 09:07

I relocated to South Wales where I landed a job at the steelworks. I got made redundant a few months back after nearly blowing the place up, but walked straight into a new job with Ford. :)
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Post #4 - 07 Jun 2019, 09:25

Hic :X
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A Worthless Man
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