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 Introduce Yourself ; Who are you?

Post #101 - 06 Jul 2019, 09:55

Only in that we're both carnivores.
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Peter de Meteor
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Post #102 - 06 Jul 2019, 11:10

Welcome to my forum Peter de Meteor, please take a moment to read the FAQs and rules of the board, this will enlighten you as to what I expect from my members. I'm sure you will fit in nicely. I note as Phil ah mentioned your username which is very similar to our Peter de Meat Eater, I hope this will cause no confusion.

Warning to Peter de Meteor for picking an unoriginal username.

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Chief Moderator
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Post #103 - 06 Jul 2019, 11:16

The plagiarising cunt. :grrr:
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Peter de Meat Eater
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