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Post #181 - 12 Nov 2020, 21:45

Mister Skids is a celebrity of sorts in that his fellow Texans at NASA analyzed his flatulence to see if it would prove to be useful as a propellent for their rocketry.

I don't know what NASA found out - top secret - but there's a hint that his poots are useful because the Texas Division of Fish and Game report a lot fewer dead fish in the creek (crick in Texas-speak) frequented by the redoubtable Skidoo. :D
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The justness of individual land right is not justifiable to those to whom the land by right of first claim collectively belonged.

Post #182 - 09 Jan 2021, 21:35

The RNLI, was originally called Britons Assisting Stricken Trawlers And Rescuing Drowning Ship-mates, but the name was changed because of the unfortunate acronym. :grin:
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Post #183 - 12 Jan 2021, 07:25

Mod note: hernia posts split off into their own thread.

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