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 How does it feel to be you right now?

Post #121 - 08 Aug 2019, 10:37

Sometimes I fell happy. Sometimes I feel sad. Sometimes I feel hot. Sometimes I feel cold. Sometimes I feel larger than Life. Sometimes I feel very very small. So I drink :)
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Father Hasil Cocteau, SJ;
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...before you the wimpled past, behind you the hallooing future...

...Zoom! There goes the gay fuckerteer chasing the tail of light...

Post #122 - Today, 01:53

Funny, that. I was about to post that it's 9:30 and I've got nothing to drink. 1st time in... BOC give me strength. I'm sure this is a mistake and I'll feel like hell in the morning. Don't know what to do, maybe I'll read. :mellow:
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I hail the new puritan


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