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 How many jobs have you had? ; Be you upwardly mobile or not?

Post #21 - 03 Apr 2020, 20:37

righthard » Today, 06:52 wrote:
Völlïg Scrötäl » Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:19 am wrote:Not many, the most significant one i had, was emptying ashtrays in a London casino for 6 months, towards the end of the last century. :wub:

Why did i resign and bog off back to Wopland?! :bang:

My past 'life', come think about it, looks a lot not unlike a bad 'the Fall'' song parody, like.

Would even venture on a mask search tomorrow, if i wasn't only on one leg... :duh:

So you're just an idle drunken wop basically? :angry:

phpBB [video]

Should haf replied with this video. Sorry, Righthard. :lol: :drink:
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