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 You Must Hear Them All ; The Peel Sessions

Post #61 - 24 Nov 2019, 09:42

Amber » Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:38 pm wrote:
I hope Connor gets it up on Twitter soon so others can read it.

All sorted Amber, though in future inform dannynomates as it's his job rather than bothering me.
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Post #62 - 30 Nov 2019, 08:09

Session Thirteen - January 1st 1990


Craig Scanlon - Guitar
Steve Hanley - Bass
Martin Bramah - Guitar
Marcia Schofield - Keyboards
Kenny Brady - Violin
"Funky" Simon Wolstencroft - Drums

Over a year had elapsed since the last session and it was the changing of the guard: Brix had gone and Martin Bramah had returned. Fall Sound was filled out with the violin of Kenny Brady. They broadcast Chicago Now, Black Monk Theme, and Hilary. Whizz Bang was recorded but never broadcast as apparently MES was unhappy with it. The broadcast tracks were all from the upcoming album Extricate and were characterised by that record's less pop feel with Brix leaving. This New Year's Day programme also featured tracks from Little Anthony and the Imperials, Dick Dale, Blind Faith, and Bradford City Football Club. Nothing much in the news but this was the first day of Glasgow being the European Capital Of Culture, so no doubt Gruff will be along to give his opinion.

My favourite track: Hilary

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Post #63 - 30 Nov 2019, 23:07

Oh Steve70nearly, you've excelled yourself this time, though I don't care for that violin playing. It upset Little Lewis too. :(

Great review though. :clap:
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Post #64 - 30 Nov 2019, 23:16

Glasgow - European Capital Of Cunts more like - proddy cunts. :grrr:
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